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Creating Viveau has always been about accelerating a real food movement for people and planet. That’s why every ingredient comes from the earth, not the lab. No sugar added and no hard-to-pronounce chemicals or so-called “natural flavours". Just real ingredients for a beverage that’s really refreshing.

A tale of two visionaries

One day at a vineyard in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, two guys named Ted and Hanspeter were complaining they couldn’t find any sparkling waters that used real ingredients.

Instead, it seemed the industry was saturated with beverages filled with sugar, artificial preservatives, and “natural flavours"— which could mean anything from chemical additives to derived flavouring constituents.

As champions of the real food movement — with real lifetime expertise in the food and beverage world — Ted and Hanspeter became determined to challenge the lack of truth and transparency in the marketplace.

It was time to create the first Canadian-made sparkling water made with actual honest-to-goodness real fruit and the safest, highest-quality water possible.

The recipe for sparkling success

Take the childhood dream of a Canadian trailblazer and pair it with the ingenuity of a Michelin-star chef.
Combine real fruit fresh from the orchard with lightly sparkling, high mineral-content water from a verified water source.
Add in a dedicated group of local farmers and a talented team of passionate people.
Make it a mission to always be true and transparent — demonstrating evident care in everything from the ingredients and packaging to the way the team interacts with consumers and each other.
Mix it all together in a bottle (or a can) with the helping hand of Mother Nature.
Then, shake gently and serve chilled — because the dream becomes real and Viveau is now available from coast to coast across Canada.

The Viveau dream team

The Michelin-Star Chef

Chef, gastronomy guru, and food product developer, Ted has worked on five continents supporting a variety of businesses and educational institutions with his vision, enthusiasm, and devoted work ethic.

The Trailblazer

A pioneer in the Canadian wine and cider landscape, Hanspeter is the founder of the renowned Grand Pré Winery. He brings an unparalleled enthusiasm to every project and every product he creates.

The reviews are in

Worth a try!

I've tried a few different VIVEAU products and they deliver a very satisfying, thirst quenching experience! Overall, the drink is light, refreshing, clean and delivers a balanced, crisp flavour. VIVEAU is original and worth a try.

— Gordon W

Love at first sip.

My first experience with Viveau was amazing and I won't lie if I say it was love at first sip

— Denisa Szucova

Love this product.

Love this product. All natural and tastes delicious - a rare find on the shelf these days

— Tara Wickwire

Viveau in the wild

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